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Event ID: 14104965
Event Title: Champions Unchained!
Game Type: Role-Playing Game
Game System: Champions HERO System 6e
Gamemaster: Pete Ruttman
Max Players: 5
Start Time: 10:00am
Duration: 6.0 hrs.
Experience Required: Rules Will Be Taught
Description: Kidnap Victims All Local Celebrities by Pete Ruttman Northern Bugle Staff Writer NORTH DETROIT - City officials have recently coaxed a few minor but celebrated sports teams and popular celebrities to set up shop in North Detroit, but the city's good fortune is now in jeopardy as several of them have gone missing. The police seem to be baffled by the bizarre, maybe superhuman, circumstances of the cases and appear to have made little progress in locating any of the missing athletes and celebrities. Rumors from sources at City Hall indicate the mayor has lost faith in the Chief of Police and has requested the help of the local superhero team, the North Detroit Vindicators. Join your teammates in the North Detroit Vindicators to find the missing victims, preserve the city's reputation and live up to the title of superhero!
Room / Table: Rembrandt / Table 4